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Civil Engineers





Our product range includes most synthetic polymers. Listed below is a selection of our range, however we pride ourselves on being able to manufacture products to suit any application.

Civil Engineers

Formabond 21
High quality epoxy resin adhesive for the bonding of the main structural materials such as concrete, steel, brick and some rubbers.

Formabond 801/802
Two pack crack injection systems. 801 is a low viscosity system. 802 is a thixotropic system.

Formabond 808
An epoxy resin adhesive for bonding structural materials such as steel and concrete. Good tolerance to damp conditions.

Formagrout 95
A liquid epoxy grout for use in structural bonding and grouting applications.

Formagrout 401

A free flowing all-purpose epoxy grout for bedding in machinery or bonding in holding-down bolts etc.

Formagrout FD10
A high strength controlled low energy foaming grout. To provide a low mass, high strength grout.

Thixotropic epoxy gel used to smooth out undulations and general roughness, making a floor surface smooth and level.

Flexible epoxy/polyurethane gel which is easy to inject and when cured provides a flexible jointing material.


Flooring Contractors

Formabond 101
Solvented epoxy primer /sealer for use on very porous substrates where some floor hardening is required prior to application of other systems.

Formabond 201
Solvent-free epoxy primer/sealer for use in low odour food environments.

Formabond WD
Water dispersible primer for use when a low cost, low odour system is required.

Formascreed 102
Heavy duty epoxy flooring screed used in heavy-duty applications ie fork-lift truck applications and where high static loads are required. This comes in an industrial grade for warehouses and a low odour grade for food environments.

Formacoat 104
Solvent free epoxy paint. General purpose paint providing a tough resilient decorative finish on a variety of substrates.

Formacoat 501
Epoxy self-levelling flooring system for areas where good chemical and abrasion resistance is required. Applied at 2-4mm in thickness.

Formacoat WD
Water dispersible coating for use when a low cost, low odour system is required.

Formacoat P/LS
Solvented polyurethane coating. A protective coating with excellent colour stability. For use on concrete to protect from carbonation and graffiti.

Thixotropic epoxy gel used to smooth out undulations and general roughness, making a floor surface smooth and level.


PTFE Users

PTFE Adhesive
A solvent-free cold-setting epoxy resin adhesive for bonding etched PTFE to metals, ceramics, glass, rubber, plastics and wood.


Formacast 7351 and 7356
Low viscosity epoxy resin systems for casting, impregnating and laminating. Can be used to encapsulate small to medium sized electrical components. Resistant to chemical attack and has excellent electrical properties.

Formacast 50/11
When cured this material resembles the physical properties of nylon. It is low viscosity when mixed, making it ideal for the production of low volume runs in the electronic and mechanical field. This material can eliminate the need for expensive metal tools.

Formacast 27/11
A two-component heat-curing liquid epoxy system. This material gives a long pot life at room temperature but cures very rapidly at elevated temperatures.

Formaflex Range
Low viscosity, fast curing, two component polyurethane systems, ideal for mould making and the encapsulation of electrical components, particularly when subjected to extremes of temperature or subject to vibration and mechanical shock.



A free flowing epoxy grout for pouring between the outer and inner mantle on major crusher applications. It can also be used to grout in place the concaves on crushers.

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