Largest Flat Table in Europe?


Pouring the Formagrout



Finished flat table

Formulated Resins have successfully created an absolutely flat table of some 35 square metres, believed to be the largest flat table of this kind in Europe.

Our customer asked us to provide a smooth, defect-free level surface at a thickness of 10mm that was strong enough for several men to stand on. We used Formagrout FD 95, a very low viscosity pourable epoxy resin grout, which was modified to meet the customer’s exacting requirement of a precision flat surface.

The customer also stipulated that the material be supplied as a white colour to highlight laser beams directed onto the surface, and also wanted the table to be heated at the surface to approximately 40°C. We prepared various sized samples to
simulate the working elements of the design, including insulation to retain heat and flexibility of the resin to avoid distortion of the table at the elevated temperature, following which the customer decided not to heat the table.

Prior to application of the level coating, we first created a glass fibre bonded layer to avoid damage to the insulating foam layer. Then we applied the level coating. Because of the volume of material required to be mixed and poured in one continuous operation (500 litres) we provided a very slow cross-linking system which would not generate any heat during curing.

We initially experienced air retention by the material during cure, but this was successfully eliminated with further development of the material.

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