Dinorwig Pumped Storage Station

Work at Dinorwig Pumped Storage Station

1. Erosion of stay vanes only 5 months after application of competitor's product

2. Stay vane 3 years after application of FRS 122

3. Stay vane showing slight erosion 4 years after application of FRS 122

Formulated Resins Ltd
saved National Grid plc an estimated six-figure sum by developing FRS122 to address extensive erosion in the stay vanes of the pump turbine generators at Dinorwig in North Wales.

After only 500 operational hours the availability of the station was jeopardised by erosion so extensive that it would have taken three months to remedy using conventional techniques. The usual methods of welding and profile grinding the affected areas would not guarantee a recurrence of the problem. It seemed likely that non-programmed downtime would become a permanent and unplanned overhead.

Formulated Resins worked with National Grid to assess the physical and environmental requirements, which led to the development of FRS 122, a material more durable than steel or concrete and capable of withstanding the extreme conditions within the turbines. The turbines are now able to run to their designed overhaul cycle and annual savings in materials, time and out-of commission losses are estimated to run into six figures.


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